Country Festival Middle Church August 2018

The Belgian town of Middelkerke was turned into a huge country and western city for a weekend in August for the Country Festival Middle Church. Surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the North Sea and blessed with perfect Summer weather, thousands of visitors enjoyed a stroll down the country market, filled with vendors, food trucks and lots and lots of music and line dancing. As the live acts on the six stages along the way turned Kerkstraat into Middle Church Main Street. And the line dancers on their part turned Main Street into a dance floor.

The festival weekend was officially kicked off with a huge parade that saw plenty of participating dance groups in their original outfits making their way to the festival tent. Middelkerke‘s mayor happily took part in the celebrations with Country New Generation, as well. The evenings were filled with fantastic live music from popular country musicians such as Martha Fields, Sarah Jory and the Music Road Pilots. For visitors who felt like they wanted to maybe brush up their line dancing skills a bit, several workshops throughout the weekend provided some new input.

Everyone from the audience to the artists and the organizers of the event thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled weekend – all of them already looking forward to the Country Festival Middle Church in 2019!

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